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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Things that Government can do to boost coworking ecosystem in India

There is no justification needed to prove the importance of coworking spaces . The coworking system  helps to give huge boost to the startups ecosystem all over the world. However, a lot has to be done to further improve and boost the coworking culture in India. And things will gain speed if government extends help for the startup community..

How government can Help the startup community:

For registration of coworking space, there is still no specific category and so, many times they have register as real-estate or other irrelevant category.  So government at first find a new category for coworking space for registration.

Next thing that is very challenging for coworking community is to find an office space. There must be subsidy in coworking spaces like any other school and colleges..  School and colleges helps us to gain degrees and coworking spaces creates platform for startups to become Entrepreneurs who later creates job opportunities...

Government should even provide internet and subsidy in power consumption, since coworking spaces are in other way helping government indeed.

Also, atleast few startup events should be conducted by the government both nationally and internationally to give exposure to the startups and for collaboration.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

How food and games are a best way to enhance good culture at Co-Working Spaces

With a lot of Co-working Spaces emerging in various parts of the country, what has been observed that the entrepreneurs are coming together with a lot of meetups and dinner parties to create a collaborative culture.
 There are so many reasons that define the manner in which Co-Working Spaces enhance great culture through food and games:

1.     A lot can be decided over food

Asthe old saying says that a lot can happen over a cup of coffee similarly a lot can actually happen between entrepreneurs with food facility available at the Co-Working Spaces, At food breaks and food parties that are arranged not only makes the discussions more lively but also enhance the culture.Big deals and great projects can easily be accomplished through a simple chit chat over few snacks that are offered at the Co-Working Spaces. You are able to bag some great opportunities with a collaborative and more cohesive culture.
2.   Food and Games takes away all stress
Work stress can be experienced at different stages throughout a work life and inorder to combat that you require some leisure time. What can be much better than having a fun time over some mesmerizing and sumptuous food along with some important fun–filled games that will totally take you away from the core? The Co-Working Spaces lately have started with the great services of bringing food parties as well as introducing some engaging games that will take some work stress among the entrepreneurs.
3.   Community Building is increased through Food and Games at Shared office Spaces
Another great important thing that can be well experienced in the form of great culture at the Co-Working Spaces are the manner through which the community building takes place. With good food and lot of games, you are able to provide yourself with the great community building 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Co-Working Spaces are Building Like-Minded Communities

The Co-Working Space has garnered a great importance in the recent years both within the start-up ecosystem as well as among the freelancing group. The Co-Working Spaces not only provide shared office spaces but also have a purpose much beyond to it. There is a cordial ambience of community that enhances engagement, productivity as well as form a collaborative culture in the form of like-minded individuals that caters a long amount of growth.

A lot have changed in the business scenario in the market with the coming up of these co-working spaces that are enabling you with the best of the people within the culture. Earlier when the co-working spaces actually started during that time the targeted audience was primarily those who are self-employed beings and they required a place such that they can work in an atmosphere which is all professional. With the course of time it started attracting professionals into the field of start-ups, small companies as well as various service providers.
The Co-working spaces nowadays have become more focused towards dedicating their services to a certain amount of businesses only thereby it provides the like-minded individuals with space where they can not only meet but can also learn in a great manner. Such kind of Co-Working Spaces are fostering great amount of skill development that people are able to get through matching all their skills in the city they are located under these Co-Working Spaces.
Another great reason that is helping the Co-Working Spaces build up communities is that a lot of connections and networking is being formed among the people who come to work at the communal space which is contrary to the work from home or renting some office. There is a different feel and vibe associated to the co-working spaces with a cultivated experience that will help you get the calculative mode of the respective members.

The members can easily choose with whom they can interact and can easily take over the discussions from coffee in a much more productive manner. Though it is not necessary that the community members will interact in the same manner with all but they will always be able to connect with the people within the community as and when they require the details. The Co-Working Spaces are in a way building a lot of identity within the communities through the help of potential interactions that they desire along with some great opportunities.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Looking to downsize your business? Opt for a Coworking Space

As business keeps on changing there are times when you will look towards the cost cutting in your business and want to downsize. During such scenario, a co-working space always comes as a saviour for the start-ups and organizations who are looking to downsize.
Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Co-Working Spaces of you are looking to downsize your business:
·        Co-Working Spaces Cut Costs

Whether someone is running a big business or a simple startup one always look towards cutting the cost inorder to safe the overhead budget. It is always advisable to rent a Co-Working Space as it will not be expensive. You will not only get a place to work at cost-effective rates but will also be able to get basic amenities like meeting rooms, conferences, good connectivity that will help you get everything within your budget especially when you are facing a lot of trouble in your business.
There are a lot of flexible renting terms and you will also be provided with the good amount of furniture without investing much. This automatically ensures that you are able to get good deals.
·        Co-Working Space Gives Network to grow your Business
A business is boosted as per the network that one enjoys. With Co-Working Spaces growing at the faster pace one is able to get the right amount of network at the right time inorder to make a big difference. At a Co-Working Space, you have full flexibility to meet new entrepreneurs, startup owners, profitable ventures and have great opportunity to bring back your business which is facing a little trouble. What you should keep in mind is the fact that through working under the safe roof you are ensuring yourself with a lot of of opportunities. In a collaborative atmosphere, you are able to give good business.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Co-Working Spaces offer higher success to your business

Sharing space either to work or to live is always a better option in metropolitan cities keeping in mind many criteria, like the rent,time of usage and connectivity from your place. Co–working spaces is a great idea for those who have a small team or are individuals who want to build up a new business. Even for those businessmen/women who want a nearby place just to work away from home for a few hours and get back quickly, Co-working spaces are the right option. Multiple fields accumulated at a single area can create a lot of positive wonders.

Better Business strategies:

With people of different categories, different industries, different ideas and different ways of working it is always an added advantage though with a little discomfort of having to bear some unimportant things. With a lot of people around you can implant different plans to improve your business for which you don’t have to pay more. It is just the different minds that work under a single roof.
Money saving:
Why rent out a big office when you can co-work and save some money which can be used for your business? Also, there are a lot of co-working spaces which provide the infrastructure, equipment, furniture and also refreshments on which you don’t have to spend extra. You don't have to invest on computer devices, peripherals, the internet, electricity, security etc. You don't have worry about searching an office space, painting it right and arranging transportation for staff if you employ a very few. Maintenance free workspaces are the easiest and cool places to work giving you peace of mind.
Like minded people:
It is a natural human psychology proved through researches that when like minded people meet up, there are positive outcomes. What more is needed than better productivity for a successful business? So, at a Co-working space, you get a lot of success through many people's ideas. For those who do multi-level marketing or network business, Co-working space is the best place to increase numbers and reach targets. 

Co-working is the future trend of business like car pooling and living space sharing. Statistics show Asia is growing at a faster pace in Co-working spaces compared to other continents, so need of the hour is a peaceful place to work right.